The Global Media Registry is a non-profit social enterprise that supports transparency, accountability and pluralism in our shared digital information space. We are a solution hub for newsrooms, regulators and policy makers, and for all stakeholders that engage with the media industry.

“The relative freedom which we enjoy depends on public opinion.”

– George Orwell, Freedom of the Park


Public Service for everyone.

The GMR’s remit is to promote and provide transparency online; not as an end in itself, but as a condition for building trust, based on accountability of all actors involved. The ‘Media Ownership Monitor’ (MOM) is our flagship initiative in this space.

Intelligence for the public and private sector.

Whoever engages with the media sector can rely on GMR’s research, analysis and industry-specific intelligence. We support both public and corporate actors in navigating their day-to-day operations, as well as in mapping their strategic course.

Assurance for newsrooms.

The GMR’s Assurance team is a leading solution provider for newsroom compliance. We support media outlets of all types and sizes to manage editorial risk efficiently, and thus to operate responsibly towards their own staff, external stakeholders and the communities they serve.